Upcoming Movie 3 - CANCELLED

2009-12-25 10:52:45 by Avojaifnot

I don't feel this movie is going to work at all.
The backgrounds are good.
The characters are NOT.
Looking back, the characters I drew for them are AWFUL - the outlines are bigger than the background outlines. It's just awful. I have no motivation to animate these abominations.

Plus, I don't even have voices for the characters to begin with.

The chances of me making ANY movie are SLIM - winter break's half over and soon I will be pressured by studying and shit.

It's too late to make a Christmas flash in my opinion.
I'll probably make a short movie featuring a Pikachu. I don't know.

If you guys hated the idea of the movie before it was cancelled, this is my christmas gift lol

by the way i want you guys to go here

My project's fucked.

2009-12-23 12:05:49 by Avojaifnot

Since I didn't win any awards for my two Bunnykill movies that I put loads of effort on, I can't tell anybody on the front page I need voice actors. Nobody ever checks the Artist's News and they only check the front page.
If I have a flash project that needs voice actors, and there are no voice actors that would lend me their voice, then I have no motivation to animate. It's like trying to build a birdhouse without any wood.
Read my previous news post and if you can, help me. Please.

Upcoming Movie 3 - "Sylar's Barber Shop" VOICE ACTORS NEEDED

2009-12-10 07:38:54 by Avojaifnot

Finally, something non-Bunnykill related.
However this could take a while XD

If you ever watched the show called "Heroes", then you'll probably know what this movie is about.

I need some voice actors that can either voice Sylar, Samuel Sullivan, or both characters.

Look, I'm not the best voice actor - if you guys leave me with no choice to do the voices myself, it'll be SHIT.

The following is a RANT:
Can you believe this actually got Daily 5th? http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Just look at it. Mario and Halo put together. Oh, boy! This is something we've never seen before! /sarcasm
The animation is just horrible, and it was obviously done in about ten minutes. Honestly, I didn't know what MarLo was about until Mario got shot by a fucking sniper rifle. I predicted that "flag returned" sfx would be played, and it did. I predicted that Mario would get teabagged, and he got teabagged. And how did that happen? All fucking tweens. I swear to God. LOOK!
Open your eyes, yoshiblue1733 (some name attempting to be Blue Yoshi 1337), and start putting in more effort and patience in anything you make. THINK!
You probably guessed by now that I am jealous beyond belief, and you are correct. Smoke's Rude Awakening was the movie I thought I was going to get at least a Daily Award in it. I put a MONTH'S effort into it, unlike the creator of MarLo. Which is why I've decided to remove what you probably think is mediocre shit. It may be mediocre, but it's definitely not SHIT! I may have combined two ideas like MarLo, but the ideas that its creator combined was WAY OVER THE TOP RECOGNIZED. The audience of Newgrounds is completely blind - Mario and HALO in a movie means FUCKING FIVE?!??!?! Such FANBOYS! DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW A SPAM MOVIE GOT DAILY FOURTH!
I will reupload Smoke's Rude Awakening. Though you have to admit that I'm being selfish here,
on the other hand I say that it's complete bullshit that a stupid, poorly animated Flash can get a Daily Award. I will show Newgrounds what kind of movies get awards - movies that are filled to the brim with EFFORT!
EDIT: And originality, too. I haven't come up with that yet due to my unimaginative mind. SHIT!

Yea, that's right, most of my movies are ripoffs. I realize one day that we'll run out of originality. One day we'll either have to do crossovers, parodies, and stuff like that. SO I WENT AHEAD AND STARVED!
So as you can see I ripped off Bunnykill. A ripoff from a masterpiece somewhat original ripoff from a masterpiece. Mimicked the graphics. Very few differences. But that does not matter.

And now that I've reuploaded this with the score of complete SHIT, I've decided that Upcoming Project will be unknown. I'm just not ready for making well animated Bunnykill ripoffs. I do not know what it will be. Bunnykill ripoff or what?

Upcoming Project 3, Update 2

2009-11-27 12:34:45 by Avojaifnot

I decided that my next project WILL be Bunnykill related, but after this movie I'm taking a break from Bunnykill, seeing how every single movie I've submitted on this account is all BK. This may take a year or so because I'm planning this to be longer than both of my current movies combined, and may result in a Daily Five award and maybe FrontPage.

The movie will be called Techterrestial, also known as the BIGASS BUNNYKILL AND TERMINATOR RIPOFF- loljk. It has 99% original characters.

The main character is a girl.

Upcoming Project 3, Update 1

2009-11-21 09:45:41 by Avojaifnot

I was thinking about making something different, something non Bunnykill-related.
This following idea may not become reality, and I may make something different from it.
I'm considering on making a flash adaptation of this video...

/* */
I got the audio in, but instead of playing the audio in Flash, it's completely mute. Shit.

I may make a sprite movie if all is lost.

Smoke's Rude Awakening

2009-11-15 18:43:17 by Avojaifnot

Could I say more?
Hey, I actually got the green score.

Upcoming Movie 2

2009-10-30 18:22:42 by Avojaifnot

Smoke's Rude Awakening
I have been working on this movie since... what, last month? It's about halfway done. I'm at an artist's block right now.
Yes, the shade-wearing bunny we all know has TOURETTES! This movie, like my previous one, is not against Bunnykill at all.

Oh, and I may finish this probably at the end of November due to procrastination and the fact that trying to move a single object lags like hell. Maybe it's the fact that I have too many windows open. Maybe I'm trying to animate a graphic movie inside a graphic movie inside a graphic movie :P



Upcoming Movie 2


Upcoming Movie 1, Update 1

2009-09-12 15:17:00 by Avojaifnot

The following movie that I will release in about October is a complete rip off of Krinkels's 35 seconds of ROCK.

It's a Bunnykill movie as well.

A few people parodied this and got a pretty high score. Some guy made a madness person shred "Raining Blood" and got a score of 4.2. So I'm pretty inspired to try to make a 3.

It has a different Dragonforce song. And a few backup singers.
Plus an awesomely drawn guitar.

BY THE WAY, these graphics are not ripped from the original Bunnykill movies. I recreated them to be as graphically accurate as possible.

Upcoming Movie 1, Update 1