Entry #1

Upcoming Movie 1, Update 1

2009-09-12 15:17:00 by Avojaifnot

The following movie that I will release in about October is a complete rip off of Krinkels's 35 seconds of ROCK.

It's a Bunnykill movie as well.

A few people parodied this and got a pretty high score. Some guy made a madness person shred "Raining Blood" and got a score of 4.2. So I'm pretty inspired to try to make a 3.

It has a different Dragonforce song. And a few backup singers.
Plus an awesomely drawn guitar.

BY THE WAY, these graphics are not ripped from the original Bunnykill movies. I recreated them to be as graphically accurate as possible.

Upcoming Movie 1, Update 1


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