Upcoming Movie 2

2009-10-30 18:22:42 by Avojaifnot

Smoke's Rude Awakening
I have been working on this movie since... what, last month? It's about halfway done. I'm at an artist's block right now.
Yes, the shade-wearing bunny we all know has TOURETTES! This movie, like my previous one, is not against Bunnykill at all.

Oh, and I may finish this probably at the end of November due to procrastination and the fact that trying to move a single object lags like hell. Maybe it's the fact that I have too many windows open. Maybe I'm trying to animate a graphic movie inside a graphic movie inside a graphic movie :P



Upcoming Movie 2


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2009-11-08 12:52:38

keep em coming ... !

im certainly waiting for ur latest releases...



PS. that fkn jerk crebb commented on ur news right?..that jerk needs to be put in place!

(Updated ) Avojaifnot responds:

Actually, he didn't.
But of course, he should have been caught for hacking by now.


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