Entry #10

Upcoming Movie 3 - CANCELLED

2009-12-25 10:52:45 by Avojaifnot

I don't feel this movie is going to work at all.
The backgrounds are good.
The characters are NOT.
Looking back, the characters I drew for them are AWFUL - the outlines are bigger than the background outlines. It's just awful. I have no motivation to animate these abominations.

Plus, I don't even have voices for the characters to begin with.

The chances of me making ANY movie are SLIM - winter break's half over and soon I will be pressured by studying and shit.

It's too late to make a Christmas flash in my opinion.
I'll probably make a short movie featuring a Pikachu. I don't know.

If you guys hated the idea of the movie before it was cancelled, this is my christmas gift lol

by the way i want you guys to go here


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2010-04-08 12:55:14

your bunnykill tributes are nice


2010-07-19 16:26:34

lol probably left the site, good you fuckin fag.


2010-07-25 12:55:50

Yeah sorry about that comment, did it right after I saw the Madness thing.